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                   FLIGHT / GROUND SCHOOL


You’re in the right spot!


Maybe you took an introductory flight with us or another flight school. Maybe you’re making the jump from GA, or maybe becoming a pilot has always been on your bucket list and you’ve recently found yourself with the opportunity to learn how to fly.


Whatever the occasion, we can help you become a safe and skilled Light Sport pilot.


Flight school really is the most exiting part of becoming a pilot. Instead of long hours on the ground reading and trying to twist your mind around new concepts you’re up in the air learning, practicing new maneuvers, getting nerves of steel as you gain confidence in your new abilities, learning how to grease-in dead stick landings and learning pilot jargon as you go along.

You get to push yourself to new limits with the comfort that an able, certified instructor flies with you.

This isn’t just the students most exciting time, it’s also the instructor’s most enjoyable time of instruction, as well. It’s where the rubber meets the pavement and where the instructor gets to see the “ah-ha” moments when the students make break-throughs in their knowledge, abilities and confidence.

Our #1 goal is to help you become a safe and skilled pilot, You’ll be learning valuable skills that will keep you safe and stay with you throughout your flying endeavors.


We land on water and at airports, but maybe amphibious isn’t for you. No worries, we can train you for either or both. If you want to take your hubby for breakfast on the weekends and only want to train in a land trike, we can do that. If you prefer the endless landing areas of a seaplane, we can do that too. Or maybe, halfway through your land trike training you want to go out in the seaplane for a couple of lessons, we can do that too!!

It’s really up to you. We have the ability to meet any of your needs.


Passing the FAA written exam............ It’ll have to be done before you can get your pilot certificate but with so much information to absorb, where do you start?


There certainly are a lot of resources out there that can help in your learning journey in preparation for your successful completion of the FAA written exam. Just ask Google and you’ll find that suggested studies include everything from FAA books to third-party books and study materials and online ground school courses.


Let’s face it, aviation instruction isn’t cheap. We save you money by allowing you to only reach out for instruction on things you feel you need help with. Much of your ground training can be done on your own, without the need to pay for a rigid, formal classroom setting from start to finish. We tailor your ground training to your needs and goals. We informally ‘coach’ our students through the educational process and resources, but also provide instruction on the many new concepts that students may want help with while learning aviation. In short, we only charge for formal instruction, not the coaching.


In preparation for the FAA written you’ll need to become familiar with many learning resources. But knowing where to start and how to proceed through the materials can be daunting. We have been through it and have guided others through it.


There are also many new concepts in aviation, concepts that our brains sometimes find hard to wrap around that we can help with. You’ll learn about aerodynamics, weather, psychology, navigation, airport operations, aircraft systems, communications, even some physics and more.


Don’t worry, it doesn’t all have to be learned the same day and it also doesn’t all have to be remembered forever. We know what you need to know to fly every flight safely and what you’ll likely forget soon after the exam because you won’t need to know it for every flight.


People ask why, then, do they have to learn all that tedious information that’s in the thousands of pages of materials if they won’t use it to fly everyday. Well, the knowledge you won’t need for every flight does still need to be learned initially so that you’re exposed to it and know it exists, that way if you do need that knowledge at some point in the future you’ll remember that it exists and that you no longer know it so you'll find a book and get smart on it.


We know what needs to be seared to your soul and what you can go lighter on. We also present difficult aviation concepts in easy to grasp ways, helping students progress steadily through the FAA written exam preparation.


Due to the factors involved in the long term training of a student pilot, we’re able to discount our hourly rates to provide very affordable pricing for our students that are committed to getting their Light Sport Pilot Certificate.

We offer discounted, 5-hour blocks of flight training for our light sport student pilots which helps ease the expense of pilot training.

               QUESTIONS?  CALL 833-LETS-FLY!


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